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Table 1 Statistics of TnSeq datasets

From: Statistical analysis of variability in TnSeq data across conditions using zero-inflated negative binomial regression

DatasetConditionMapped readsDensityaNZmeanb
A1in vitro9894130.5523.9
A2in vitro13766130.5831.9
A3in vitro15315980.5835.3
A4in vitro5479020.4715.5
A5in vitro14503830.5733.9
A6in vitro4751260.5511.6
B1in vivo15006460.4742.5
B2in vivo6016830.4517.7
B3in vivo12450650.5132.5
B4in vivo14723650.4939.9
B5in vivo9093940.4229.3
B6in vivo4090180.3416.2
  1. aFraction of TA sites with insertions
  2. bMean count at TA sites with insertions before normalization