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Table 3 TnSeq datasets in different antibiotic treatments

From: Statistical analysis of variability in TnSeq data across conditions using zero-inflated negative binomial regression

DrugConcentration (μg/ml)MIC50 (μg/ml)Number of replicatesNumber of essentials vs. untreateda
Untreated  3 
Isoniazid (INH)0.0270.04250
Rifampicin (RIF)0.0040.02368
ethambutol (EMB)0.50.6358
Meropenem (MER)1.2303106
Vancomycin (VAN)1611393
  1. MICs for H37Rv were obtained from [43]
  2. aNumber of conditional essentials by comparison to the untreated condition using resampling