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Table 1 “MeSH”-based categories selected. A total of four upper-level categories and their corresponding lower-level categories capture all the phenotypes manifested by more than one of these genes. We resorted to “MeSH” terminological-based hierarchical networks that include all the phenotypes as referred in the third column (included in Additional file 3)

From: An integrative methodology based on protein-protein interaction networks for identification and functional annotation of disease-relevant genes applied to channelopathies

Upper-level categoryLower-level categoryHierarchical network
Cardiovascular diseasesVascular diseasesFigure 3.1 in Additional file 3
Cardiac arrhythmias
Other diseases (heart arrest, cardiomyopathies, myocardial ischemia or cardiomegaly)
Nervous system diseasesNeurobehavioral manifestationsFigure 3.2 in Additional file 3
Febrile seizures
Headache disorders
Neurodegenerative diseases
Neuromuscular diseases
Mental disordersTobacco use disorderFigure 3.3 in Additional file 3
Other mental disorders (bipolar disorder, Alzheimer disease, autism, depression or schizophrenia)
Other disordersSudden deathFigure 3.4 in Additional file 3
Diabetes Mellitus type 2
Periodic paralyses