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Table 1 Mean peptide size according to the requested peptide length

From: Benchmarking the PEPOP methods for mimicking discontinuous epitopes

meanL = 8L = 10L = 12L = 14L = 16
of the means11.6613.3514.9516.4517.70
standard deviation2.162.342.663.023.29
Prime methods10.4411.9713.5315.1416.65
ALA methods14.9817.2419.0620.3621.05
SA methods11.4513.1314.7716.4417.88
SAS methods12.9614.8716.7218.4719.80
Prime and Linker methods12.4814.3316.0517.6218.84
Graph-based methods10.1611.5512.9614.3115.59
SHP based methods13.2713.2713.2713.2713.27
TSP based methods9.1310.9812.8514.6616.37
TSPaa method8.009.9911.9913.9815.97
TSPnat and TSPrev methods9.2711.1012.9614.7516