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Table 1 Example sentence from drug label and its representation in XML format. The text drug label data were provided in XML format and this figure illustrates an example sentence exerted from drug label “Choline”. These XML-formatted labels from the TAC include three main sections: “Raw Text” containing the original texts from ADR-relevant sections from drug labels; “Related Mentions” containing the manually curated ADRs; and “Related Reactions” containing normalized ADRs in terms of MedDRA terms

From: Machine learning-based identification and rule-based normalization of adverse drug reactions in drug labels

Raw TextLong-term cumulative radiation exposure is associated with an increased risk for cancer.
Related<Mention id="M10" section="S2" type="Factor" start="2309" len="4" str="risk" />
<Mention id="M11" section="S2" type="AdverseReaction" start="2318" len="6" str="cancer" />
Mentions<Reaction id="R4" str="cancer">
<Normalization id="R4.N1" meddra_pt="Neoplasm malignant" meddra_pt_id="10028997"
meddra_llt="Cancer" meddra_llt_id="10007050" />