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Table 2 Evidences of top 10 potential leukemia-related lncRNAs and lung cancer-related lncRNAs predicted by TCSRWRLD

From: A novel target convergence set based random walk with restart for prediction of potential LncRNA-disease associations

Disease name LncRNA name RANK Evidence
Lung cancer YUG1 1 Lnc2Cancer
Lung cancer XIST 2 Lnc2Cancer
Lung cancer PVT1 4 Lnc2Cancer
Lung cancer PCAT29 5 MNDR
Lung cancer HOTAIRM1 7 MNDR
Lung cancer NEAT1 9 Lnc2Cancer
Lung cancer anti-NOS2A 10 Lnc2Cancer
Leukemia MALAT1 1 Lnc2Cancer
Leukemia HOTAIR 2 Lnc2Cancer
Leukemia H19 4 Lnc2Cancer
Leukemia MEG3 5 Lnc2Cancer
Leukemia PVT1 7 Lnc2Cancer