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Table 1 Performance comparison on maximum F1 score with existing models

From: Relation extraction between bacteria and biotopes from biomedical texts with attention mechanisms and domain-specific contextual representations

SVM-basedTEES [5]42.2738.3561.61
 VERSE [6]55.8061.5051.00
DL-basedDUTIR [15]47.8039.7060.00
 TurkuNLP [16]52.1044.8062.30
 DET-BLSTM [17]57.1457.9956.32
 BGRU-Attn [18]57.4269.8248.76
 Our model60.7765.2856.85
  1. The listed results derive from the corresponding papers. F: F1 score; R: recall; P: precision. Our model used all of the proposed contributions (the results from the last row in Table 6). The highest scores are highlighted in bold