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Table 7 Clinic indexes of splenectomy with cardia devascularization for cirrhotic and portal hypertension patients

From: A novel method detecting the key clinic factors of portal vein system thrombosis of splenectomy & cardia devascularization patients for cirrhosis & portal hypertension

ID Index name ID Index name ID Index name
1 Age 12 BUN (blood urea nitrogen) 23 NE1 (neutrophil count of 1st test)
2 Gender 13 CRE (creatinine) 24 NE2 (neutrophil count of 2nd test)
3 Weight 14 GLU (glucose) 25 PLT (Platelets)
4 BV (bleeding volume) 15 Na (Natrium) 26 PT (prothrombin time)
5 AST (aspartate aminotransferase) 16 K (Kalium) 27 INR (International normalized ratio)
6 ALT (alanine transaminase) 17 Ca (calcium) 28 APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time)
7 CHOL (cholesterol) 18 RBC (Red blood cell) 29 TT (thrombin time)
8 TBIL (total bilirubin) 19 HGB (hemoglobin) 30 FIB (fibrinogen)
9 DBIL (direct bilirubin) 20 WBC (White blood cell) 31 D-D (D dimer)
10 TP (total protein) 21 LY1 (lymphocyte count of 1st test) 32 Anticoagulant therapy,
11 ALB (albumin) 22 LY2 (lymphocyte count of 2nd test) 33 Antiplatelet aggregation therapy