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Table 2 Ribosome abundance estimation performance in three replicate synthetic datasets

From: DeepShape: estimating isoform-level ribosome abundance and distribution with Ribo-seq data

EvaluationMethodDataset 1Dataset 2Dataset 3
Ribosome count PCCDeepShape-prime0.99310.99470.9932
Ribosome count MSEDeepShape-prime87,54670,815157,187
CDS-Length-normalized ribosome abundance PCCDeepShape-prime0.99900.99910.9981
Ground-truth mRNA vs ribosome abundance PCC (both normalized by length)0. 67750.71620.8252
  1. PCC: Pearson correlation coefficient between prediction and ground-truth.
  2. MSE: Mean square error between prediction and ground-truth.