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Table 2 Partial association rules between pest occurrence and weather factors in five different regions (25 rules)

From: Occurrence prediction of pests and diseases in cotton on the basis of weather factors by long short term memory network

LocationsNumbersAssociation rules of pests occur and weather factors
Akola241B2,C3,E1,H1 →P, A2,B2,C3,E1 →P,B2,C3,E1,F1 →P, B2,C3,E1 →P,
  A2,B2,C3,E1,F1 →P, A2,B2,C3,E1,H1 →P,B2,C3,E1,F1,H1 →P, A2,B2,C3,E1,F1,H1 →P,
  Support= 0.07643, confidence=0.790816
Lam94A2,B3,D3,F1 →P, Support=0.0873694, confidence=0.569307;
  A2,D3,E1,F1 →P, Support=0.0907882, confidence=0.567023;
  A2,B3,C3,D3,F1 →P, Support=0.0849003, confidence=0.565823;
Nagpur80A2,C3,E1,G2 →P, A2,C3,E1,F1,G2 →P, Support=0.0615986, confidence=0.638629;
  A2,E1,H2 →P, A2,E1,F1,H2 →P, Support=0.0585938, confidence=0.621019.
Pharbhani44A2,D2,F1 →P, A2,D2,F1,H1 →P, Support=0.0631619, confidence=0.594306;
  A2,C3,D2,E1 →P, A2,C3,D2,E1,H1 →P, Support=0.0540847, confidence=0.581301;
Sirsa121A2,B3,D3,E1 →P, A2,B3,D3,E1,F1 →P, Support=0.0502674, confidence=0.87037;
  B3,D3,E1 →P, B3,D3,E1,F1 →P, Support=0.0572193, confidence=0.856;