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Table 4 The genetic heterogeneity test and meta-analysis of rs744373 polymorphism using the additive model, dominant model and recessive model in East Asian and Caucasian populations

From: BIN1 rs744373 variant shows different association with Alzheimer’s disease in Caucasian and Asian populations

ComparisonsEast AsianCaucasianEast Asian VS Caucasian
 I2OR95% CIP for metaI2OR95% CIP for metaI2OR95% CIP for meta
C VS T0.6651.030.92–1.160.6110.4021.171.12–1.221.35E-120.5411.121.06–1.190.000179
CC + CT VS TT0.51.060.93–1.210.3910.1491.21.14–1.275.99E-110.331.171.12–1.233.95E-11
CC VS CT + TT0.6651.030.81–1.310.8060.3561.261.14–1.390.000010.4991.191.10–1.291.35E-05