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Table 2 The average number of hits per complex obtained by our docking algorithm with LSC and four other docking approaches with shape-based scoring functions on the protein docking benchmark 4.0 of 176 test cases when the top 100, 500, 1000, and 2000 predictions were considered

From: Pushing the accuracy limit of shape complementarity for protein-protein docking

MethodBound docking Unbound docking
 10050010002000 10050010002000
LSC3.216.268.3811.64 0.832.543.946.51
ZDOCK 0.611.892.964.84
MolFit/G1.964.366.379.47 0.361.472.624.55
GRAMM0.761.732.543.66 0.180.510.861.63
FTDock/G1.052.433.875.82 0.180.651.132.08