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Table 1 The four different reference sequences used to guide the reconstruction of the western-grey kangaroo mitochondrial amplicon from short sequencing reads. For each circular mitochondrial genome, the genome coordinates of the extracted region are indicated as well as its length. The percentage identity to the western-grey amplicon is calculated on the homologous regions only, i.e. the non-aligned sections at the beginning and the end of the alignment are not taken into account

From: Effective machine-learning assembly for next-generation amplicon sequencing with very low coverage

SpeciesGenbank accessionStart positionEnd positionLength of extracted region (bp)Percentage identity to western-grey amplicon
Eastern-grey kangarooNC_02742411,749475,18691.4%
Swamp wallabyKJ86816411,0001,2007,07586.8%
Tasmanian devilJX47546611,0001,2007,33665.7%
House mouseNC_00508911,0001,2006,50059.0%