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Table 3 Number of reversals (inversions) identified in each strain

From: Rearrangement analysis of multiple bacterial genomes

No. of StrainsNo. of ReversalsStrains
70Lithuania75, P12, Aklavik117a, Shi417, Shi169, Puno135, Cuz20
121BM013A, BM013B, G27, oki154a, oki673a, oki828a, PeCan4, Shi112, SNT49, Puno120, Sat464, SJM180
15229CaP, B38, ML3, oki128a, OK113, F30, v225d, 908, Gambia94/24a, 2017, 2018a, SouthAfrica20c, NY40, J99, 7C
133B8, 52, Hp238, ML1, oki102, oki112, oki422, oki898, F57, ELS37, SouthAfrica7b, HUP-B14, PeCan18
94OK310, UM032, UM299, UM298, XZ274, 83, 35A, F16, India7
12526695, 26695–1, 26695-1MET, 26695–1, 26695-1CH, 26695-1CL, Rif1, Rif2, 26695, J166, UM066, F32
46BM012A, BM012S, BM012B, UM037
  1. aignoring single gene transposition
  2. bignoring single gene transposition, 2 gene inverse transposition
  3. cignoring single gene transposition, 2 gene inverse transposition and 3 gene deletions