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Table 2 10-fold cross-validation performances of iProDNA-CapsNet on the training dataset (PDNA-543) under various decision thresholds

From: iProDNA-CapsNet: identifying protein-DNA binding residues using capsule neural networks

SettingACC (%)SN (%)SP (%)PR (%)MCCAUC
Threshold = 0.574.7377.3874.5517.320.2820.832
FPR ≈ 5%91.2136.3195.0033.340.3010.832
FPR ≈ 15%83.6664.2185.0022.780.3130.832
SP ≈ SN76.0276.0276.0217.930.2870.832
  1. Values which are significantly higher than the others are in bold