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Table 6 PPI benchmark datasets, with number of positive interactions (PI) and number of negative interactions (NI)

From: Evolving knowledge graph similarity for supervised learning in complex biomedical domains

STRING-SC [13]S. cerevisiae1521815166
STRING-HS [13]H. sapiens34603452
STRING-EC [13]E. coli11271118
STRING-DM [13]D. melanogaster288262
DIP-HS [17]H. sapiens13751364
BIND-SC [37]S. cerevisiae724642
DIP/MIPS-SC [37]S. cerevisiae46599148
GRID/HPRD-bal-HS [38]H. sapiens1567515674
GRID/HPRD-unbal-HS [38]H. sapiens1567515645