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Table 4 Impact of incorporating evolutionary information on the accuracy

From: TooT-T: discrimination of transport proteins from non-transport proteins

EncodingAccuracy(%)blast-X to Xpsi-X to Xpsi-X to blast-X
AAC75.7984.6186.13+ 08.82+ 10.34+ 01.52
PAAC75.4186.6287.29+ 11.21+ 11.88+ 00.67
PseAAC76.1981.8185.13+ 05.62+ 08.94+ 03.32
Average75.8084.3586.18+ 08.55+ 10.39+ 01.84
  1. The table notes differences in accuracy and the percentage of improvement when incorporating different evolutionary information to the baseline compositions. The highest improvement in accuracy was achieved by psi-compositions, with an average improvement of 10.39%