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Table 1 List of all predictions returned by Iggy

From: A pipeline to create predictive functional networks: application to the tumor progression of hepatocellular carcinoma

List of positive (up-regulated) predictions
ADRA2A_prot, BDKRB2_prot, BMP4_gen, CCL11_prot, CCL13_gen, CCL13_prot, CCL17_gen, CCL17_prot, CCL19_prot, CCL21_prot, CCL22_prot, CCL26_prot, COL1A1_prot, COL1A2_prot, COL3A1_prot, COL4A2_prot, COL4A3_prot, COL6A1_prot, COL6A2_prot, COL6A3_prot, COMP_prot, CTBP2_prot, CTSK_prot, CXCL12_prot, CXCL14_prot, CXCL5_prot, CXCL6_prot, DCN_prot, DKK2_prot, DUSP4_prot, EFNB3_prot, EIF4EBP2_prot, EPHA3_prot, FGF18_prot, FGF1_prot, FHL2_prot, FPR1_prot, GLI3_prot, HGF_prot, HHIP_prot, HIF1A_prot, HTR2B_prot, ICAM1_gen, IL34_prot, IL6_prot, JAG1_prot, KRAS_gen, LAMA1_prot, LAMA2_prot, LAMC2_prot, LAMC3_prot, LIF_prot, NFATC1_prot, NFKB1::BCL3, NFKB2::RELB, NOTCH1_gen, NOTCH2_gen, NOTCH4_gen, NR0B2_gen, NR0B2_prot, NR1H4_gen, NR1H4_prot, NR3C2_gen, NR3C2_prot, NRG3_prot, NTF3_prot, NTRK3_prot, PMAIP1_prot, PPP2R2C_prot, PRKG1_prot, PTGER1_prot, PTGIR_prot, PTH1R_prot, PTHLH_prot, PTPRR_prot, RASAL1_prot, SCTR_prot, SEMA3C_prot, SFRP1_prot, SFRP2_prot, SFRP4_prot, SFRP5_prot, SGK1_gen, SLIT2_prot, TGFA_prot, THBS2_prot, THRA_prot, TNC_prot, TNXB_prot, VDR_gen, VDR_prot, WTIP_prot
List of negative (down-regulated) predictions
APAF1_gen, APAF1_prot, BAK1_gen, BAX_gen, BID_gen, CCL15_prot, CCL16_prot, CHAD_prot, CREB1_prot, CSNK2B_prot, DKK4_prot, EIF2B4_prot, EIF2B5_prot, ELMO1_prot, FOXO3_prot, IGFBP3_gen, IGFBP3_prot, JUND::NACA, LRP5_gen, LRP6_gen, MDM2_gen, PHLPP1_prot, PIDD1_gen, PIDD1_prot, PPP2R5A_prot, PPP2R5D_prot, PTEN_gen, RAD9A_prot, RFNG_prot, RXRB_prot, SENP2_prot, SESN1_gen, SESN1_prot, SESN2_gen, SESN2_prot, SESN3_gen, SESN3_prot, SFN_gen, SFN_prot, SIVA1_gen, SIVA1_prot, SLC38A9_prot, SPDYC_prot, SREBF1_gen, SREBF1_prot, THBS1_gen, THBS4_prot, THEM4_prot, THPO_prot, TNFRSF10A_gen, TNFRSF10B_gen, TP53_prot, TP73_prot, TSC2_gen