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Table 1 Query Categories and Standard Operating Protocols supported by the Help Desk

From: The H3ABioNet helpdesk: an online bioinformatics resource, enhancing Africa’s capacity for genomics research

Overall Category TypeQuery CategoryAssociated Workflows
AnalysisAnalysis – NGSHuman Variant Calling Workflow
Analysis – GWASVariant Discovery and Prioritisation
H3Africa Genotyping ArrayGWAS Pipeline
Microbiome AnalysisRNA-seq Workflow
Chip Imputation16S rRNA Diversity Analysis Workflow
Variant Calling AnalysisImputation Pipeline
Machine Learning
H3ABioNet Tools & ServicesStandard CRFAssociated information packets, guidelines, and tools.
Minimum Data Standards
General Queries
Human Mutation Analysis Platform (HUMA)
Job Management System (JMS)
Node Accreditation
Website/Mailing List
Additional SupportREDCapLinux: Getting Started
Data ManagementLinux: Configuring and securing your server
Software ProgrammingInstall, configure and use Globus
Software License RequestOnline to transfer large datasets
System AdministrationSetup and configure a basic HPC cluster