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Table 1 iCARH model summary

From: Integrative analysis of time course metabolic data and biomarker discovery

Parameters of interest  
ϕe,e{cases, controls} quantifies metabolite interactions,
  (ϕcasesϕcontrols) quantifies
  pathway perturbation
β m quantifies association between
  metabolite m and other omic
  variables from different omics techniques
α m quantifies treatment effect for metabolite m
Other inferred parameters  
σ 2 metabolite variance
γ im represents individual
  perturbations for metabolite m
ν itm represents temporal
  effects for metabolite m
  of individual i at time point t
θ m temporal dependence for metabolite m
λ mk local shrinkage parameter
\(\sigma ^{2}_{\beta _{m}}\) global shrinkage parameter
\(\sigma ^{2}_{\gamma _{m}}\) variance of individual perturbations
\(\sigma ^{2}_{\nu _{m}}\) temporal variance
User specified parameters  
G,A between metabolite adjacency matrix
τ overall sparsity level
  amongst all metabolites