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Table 2 The data using in the manuscript

From: BCREval: a computational method to estimate the bisulfite conversion ratio in WGBS

Biosample TypeLibrary_IDENCODE_ID (FASTQ)StrandBiosample summary
Primary cellENCLB587BLQENCFF055UXZ+Homo sapiens skeletal muscle myoblast
ENCLB587BLQENCFF764NTFHomo sapiens skeletal muscle myoblast
ENCLB988SSOENCFF710XQC+Homo sapiens skeletal muscle myoblast
ENCLB988SSOENCFF331AIDHomo sapiens skeletal muscle myoblast
Cell lineENCLB542OXHENCFF336KJH+Homo sapiens K562
ENCLB542OXHENCFF585HYMHomo sapiens K562
ENCLB890RFUENCFF211RZY+Homo sapiens HepG2
ENCLB890RFUENCFF717MDZHomo sapiens HepG2
ENCLB443JJFENCFF563QAT+Homo sapiens HepG2
ENCLB443JJFENCFF954LFDHomo sapiens HepG2
Stem cellENCLB098BGYENCFF677BSB+Homo sapiens H1-hESC
ENCLB098BGYENCFF800KIPHomo sapiens H1-hESC
ENCLB167QQWENCFF311PSV+Homo sapiens H1-hESC
ENCLB167QQWENCFF335TUDHomo sapiens H1-hESC
TissueENCLB353RJBENCFF781BRM+Homo sapiens spleen male adult (37 years)
ENCLB353RJBENCFF535VCBHomo sapiens spleen male adult (37 years)
ENCLB585SDTENCFF283GDL+Mus musculus C57BL/6 liver adult (54–61 day)
ENCLB506AYRENCFF978EJO+Mus musculus C57BL/6 liver adult (54–61 day)
ENCLB760KHXENCFF348XNA+Mus musculus C57BL/6 liver adult (54–61 day)