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Table 2 Runtime comparisons of stochastic simulations (MaBoSS) and ExaStoLog

From: Exact solving and sensitivity analysis of stochastic continuous time Boolean models

Model nodes # param. sets (np) MaBoSS runtime ExaStoLog
kras15 [23] 15 729 (36) 4mins20s 19s (2s)
[39] 20 729 (36) 33mins 8mins (1min)
  1. Calculations on the same computer as Table 1 (single core). The kras15 model is by the authors, available at [23] in the model_files folder, together with input files for the parameter scans for both models. The kras15 model was run with 10.000 trajectories for a duration of 3 time units, time steps of 0.1. The [39] model was run with 20.000 trajectories, for 40 time units, time steps of 0.1. In both cases an accuracy of 1% was imposed as a requirement. In parenthesis in the column ExaStoLog is the amount of time spent on the stationary solution calculations themselves.