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Table 3 Metrics adopted for clustering evaluation

From: Clustering analysis of tumor metabolic networks

Name Acronym Computed as Codomain Better if
Rand’s Index RI \(\frac {TP+TN}{TP+FP+FN+TN}\) [0,1]
Adjusted Rand’s Index ARI \(\frac {RI-E[RI]}{\max (RI)-E[RI]}\) [-1,1]
Misclassification Rate MR \(\frac {FP+FN}{TP+FP+FN+TN}\) [0,1]
F-Measure F1 \(\frac {2 Precision \cdot Recall}{Precision + Recall}\) [0,1]
Fowlkes-Mallows Index FMI \(\frac {TP}{\sqrt {(TP + FP)\cdot (TP+ FN)}}\) [0,1]
Cluster Accuracy CA \(\frac {1}{n} \sum _{i=1}^{c} \max ({CP}_{i}|{GT}_{i})\) (0,1]
Normalized Mutual Information NMI \(\frac {MI}{\sqrt {H(CP) H(GT)}}\) [0,1]
Adjusted Mutual Information AMI \(\frac {MI-E[MI]}{\sqrt {H(CP) H(GT)}-E[MI]}\) [-1,1]
  1. (For details on the adopted metrics, see Additional file 5)