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Table 1 Proteus’ results for the first case study (details were included in the supplementary material: Tables S2, S3, S4, S5). (1) β-glucosidase project is available at: (2) Protease project is available at: (3) Immunoglobulin new antigen receptor project is available at: (4) Lipase project is available at:

From: Proteus: An algorithm for proposing stabilizing mutation pairs based on interactions observed in known protein 3D structures

# Protein PDB ID ProteusID Sequence length Number of mutations suggested
1 β-glucosidase (hydrolase) 1BGA 4L8HLU 447 344
2 Protease 1LVB N7Q9RZ 243 61
3 Immunoglobulin new antigen receptor 2YWY UM6SQD 113 50
4 Lipase 1LGY YTP3YC 269 213