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Table 1 Details on the targets of the CASP13-CAPRI experiment and, in the last three columns, our detailed results as scorers for each target and interface. In the scoring results, it is reported the total number of our correct models (out of the 10 submitted) per target/interface in the top-1, top-5 and top-10 positions; numbers followed by two (**) and three (***) stars represent the subsets of correct models that are of medium and high quality, respectively. Easy targets, according to the assessors’ classification, are shadowed in gray

From: The CASP13-CAPRI targets as case studies to illustrate a novel scoring pipeline integrating CONSRANK with clustering and interface analyses

  1. a No correct solution was submitted by any Scorer
  2. b Best result overall among the Scorers, achieved by our group alone or on a par with others