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Table 1 A list of DiNeR prioritized TFs using the network hubs of the K562 vs. GM12878 differential co-regulation networks upon different subsampling of the entire genome. Perc. Incl.: how many rounds of simulations out of 100 this TF has been claimed as a network hub. Lit. Supp: whether there is literature support to link this TF with cancer.

From: DiNeR: a Differential graphical model for analysis of co-regulation Network Rewiring

Gene Perc. Incl. Lit. Supp.
BRCA1 100 Y
FOXK2 100 Y
RAD51 100 Y
ZZZ3 100 N
RBBP5 100 Y
BMI1 100 Y
H3K27me3 100 Y
BACH1 98 Y