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Table 1 Datasets utilized to validate and evaluate SLFinder

From: SLFinder, a pipeline for the novel identification of splice-leader sequences: a good enough solution for a complex problem

Species Taxon RNAseq BioProject Ref. Genome Assembly Reported SLs
A. aerophoba Porifera PRJEB26562 GCA_900275595.1a No
C. elegans Nematoda PRJNA270896 PRJNA13758b Yes
C. intestinalis Urochordata PRJNA396771 GCF_000224145.3a Yes
D. melanogaster Insecta PRJNA318586 GCF_000001215.4a No
H. vulgaris Cnidaria PRJNA497966 Hm105c Yes
M. musculus Vertebrata PRJNA319673 GCF_000001635.26a No
S. glomerata Molusca PRJNA487836 GCA_003671525.1 No
S. masoni Plathelminthes PRJNA225599 PRJEA36577b and GeneDB Yes
  1. a Available on NCBI database
  2. b Available on WBPS database
  3. c Hydra 2.0 Genome Project