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Table 3 Multimodal and multitask test for noisy input

From: Deep user identification model with multiple biometric data

Modality Noise Accuracy (%)
ECG Face Finger   ID Gender
O O   O 94.83 95.02
O   O O 93.68 95.21
  O O O 95.21 92.91
O O O O 98.97 96.55
O O    100.0 100.0
O   O   98.85 96.55
  O O   100.0 98.85
O O O   100.0 99.43
  1. From this experiment, not only does the clean modalities provides near 100% in two tasks, but in the case of noisy modalities, the feature fusion of three modalities yields 98.97% in identification. This result shows that the model architecture is robust to noises