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Table 3 The AUC values for the genome-wide predictions

From: Enhancer prediction in the human genome by probabilistic modelling of the chromatin feature patterns

Cell line method #enhancer predictions p300 TRF
K562 PREPRINT ML 35089 0.857 0.874
K562 PREPRINT Bayesian 35089 0.855 0.887
K562 RFECS 35089 0.911 0.900
K562 PREPRINT ML 15531 0.850 0.898
K562 PREPRINT Bayesian 15531 0.856 0.908
K562 RFECS 15531 0.912 0.929
GM12878 PREPRINT ML 49699 0.826 0.889
GM12878 PREPRINT Bayesian 49699 0.833 0.888
GM12878 RFECS 49699 0.911 0.895
GM12878 PREPRINT ML 22088 0.821 0.911
GM12878 PREPRINT Bayesian 22088 0.826 0.910
GM12878 RFECS 22088 0.881 0.941
  1. The true labels of the predictions were based on the overlap between the predictions and the TRF ChIP-seq peaks. An equal number of enhancers predicted by PREPRINT and RFECS were chosen; the numbers are indicated in the column #enhancer predictions. In each combination of the validation data (p300 or TF) and the method, the AUC value for the best method was highlighted with the bold font. In addition, the AUC values for PREPRINT predictions in cell line GM12878, computed utilising the TRF validation data, were highlighted due to a comparable generalisation performance to RFECS