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Table 1 The candidate direct risk factors in the LSDS that are analyzed in the study presented here

From: Leveraging Bayesian networks and information theory to learn risk factors for breast cancer metastasis

Candidate Risk Factor Description Values
race race of patient white, black, Asian
age_at_diagnosis age at diagnosis of the disease 0–40, 40–55, 55–69, > 69
menopausal_status inferred menopausal status pre, post
size size of tumor in mm 0–32, 32–70, > 70
lymph_nodes_positive number of positive lymph nodes 0, 1–8 > 8
lymph_nodes_removed number of lymph nodes removed 0–11, 12–22, >  22
lymph_node_status patient had any positive lymph nodes neg,pos
grade grade of disease 1, 2, 3
invasive whether tumor is invasive yes,no
histology tumor histology lobular, duct
ER estrogen receptor expression neg, pos
PR progesterone receptor expression neg, pos
HER2 HER2 expression neg, pos
P53 whether P53 is mutated neg, pos
surgical_margins whether residual tumor res. Tumor, no res. Tumor,
no primary site surgery