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Table 8 The PC logic and the fuzzy logic for the regulatory effects of genes G1 and G2 on the target, utilizing continuous gene expression data. expA and expB denote the expression levels of genes G1 and G2, respectively

From: LogicNet: probabilistic continuous logics in reconstructing gene regulatory networks

Logic Probabilistic Logic Def. Fuzzy Logic Def.
\( NOT\left({\mathrm{G}}_1\right)=\overline{{\mathrm{G}}_1} \) \( 1-{\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_1} \) \( 1-{\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_1} \)
AND(G1, G2) = G1 G2 \( {\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_1}\ast {\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_2} \) \( \mathit{\min}\left({\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_1},{\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_2}\right) \)
OR(G1, G2) = G1 G2 \( {\mathit{\exp}}_{G_1}+{\mathit{\exp}}_{G_2}-{\mathit{\exp}}_{G_1}\ast {\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_2} \) \( \mathit{\min}\left(1,{\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_1}+{\mathit{\exp}}_{{\mathrm{G}}_2}\right) \)