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Table 1 Experimentally validated melanoma-associated lncRNAs in Homo sapiens

From: An integrative network-driven pipeline for systematic identification of lncRNA-associated regulatory network motifs in metastatic melanoma

Melanoma-associated lncRNAs
LncRNA name NCBI accession Alias Dysfunction Type Function PMID
BANCR NR_047671 LINC00586 Regulation Cell migration 22581800
CASC15 NR_015410 LINC00340; CANT; lnc-SOX4–1 Regulation Progression and phenotype Switching 26016895
CDKN2B-AS1 NR_047538 PCAT12; CDKN2B-AS; NCRNA00089; p15AS; ANRIL; CDKN2BAS; CDKN2B-AS Regulation Epigenetic silencing 27461581
GAS5 NR_002578 NCRNA00030; SNHG2 Regulation Cell migration and invasion 26846479
H19 NR_131223 ASM1; WT2; ASM; BWS; LINC00008; NCRNA00008; D11S813E Expression Pathogenesis of melasma 19968822
HOTAIR NR_047528 NCRNA00072; HOXC11-AS1; HOXAS; HOXC-AS4 Regulation Cell migration and invasion 23862139
LINC00032 NR_026679 C9orf14; NCRNA00032 Mutation Nevus development 17099875
LINC00673 NR_036488 HILNC75; LUCAIR1; SLNCR1; HI-LNC75; SLNCR; ERRLR01 Expression Invasion 27210747
MALAT1 NR_002847 NEAT2; LINC00047; NCRNA00047; HCN; PRO2853 Expression Cell migration 24892958
MGC16025 NR_026664.1 LOC85009; MELOE Expression Immunosurveillance 27486971
MIR31HG NR_027054 LncHIFCAR; hsa-lnc-31 Regulation Transcriptional regulator 25908244
PTENP1 NR_023917.1 PTEN-rs; PTH2; PTENpg1; PTEN2; psiPTEN Regulation Tumor suppressor 21833010
SAMMSON NR_110000 LINC01212 Regulation Cell growth and survival 27008969
SNHG5 NR_003038 C6orf160; LINC00044; NCRNA00044; U50HG Expression Pathogenesis of metastatic melanoma 26440365
SPRY4-IT1 NR_131221 SPRIGHTLY Regulation Cell invasion & proliferation 25344859
TUG1 NR_002321 LINC00080; TI-227H; NCRNA00080 Regulation Tumor growth and metastasis 29543785
UCA1 NR_015379 LINC00178; UCAT1; CUDR; onco-lncRNA-36; NCRNA00178 Expression Cell migration 24892958