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Table 7 Top 5 Interactions predicted by DTIP_MDHN on the benchmark datasets

From: Drug-target interactions prediction using marginalized denoising model on heterogeneous networks

Dataset KEGG
Drug ID
Drug name KEGG
Has ID
Uniport ID Gene name Validated
Enzyme D00542 Halothane has:1571 P05181 CYP2E1 Yes
D00139 Methoxsalen has:1543 P04798 CYP1A1 Yes
D00437 Nifedipine has:1559 P11712 CYP2C9 Yes
D00410 Metyrapone has:1543 P04798 CYP1A1 Yes
D00574 Aminoglutethimide has:1589 P08686 CYP21A2 Yes
Ion Channel D03365 Nicotine has:1137 P43681 CHRNA4 Yes
D00640 Propafenone hydrochloride has:6336 Q9Y5Y9 SCN10A Yes
D02098 Proparacaine hydrochloride has:8645 O95279 KCNK5 No
D02356 Verapamil has:2893 P48058 GRIA4 No
D00552 Benzocaine has:6331 Q14524 SCN5A Yes
GPCR D00683 Albuterol sulfate has:153 P08588 ADRB1 Yes
D02359 Ritodrine has:153 P08588 ADRB1 No
D02147 Albuterol has:153 P08588 ADRB1 Yes
D01386 Ephedrine hydrochloride has:153 P08588 ADRB1 Yes
D00604 Clonidine hydrochloride has:148 P35348 ADRA1A No
Nuclear Receptor D00316 Etretinate has:6096 Q58EY0 RORĪ² No
D01132 Tazarotene has:6097 P51449 RORĪ³ No
D00182 Norethindrone has:2099 P03372 ESR1 Yes
D00348 Isotretinoin has: 5915 P10826 RARB Yes
D01115 Eplerenone has:2908 P04150 NR3C1 No