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Table 1 Network discrimination performance of DynaMAGNA++, DynaWAVE and Twadn. For biological synthetic networks, with respect to the area under the precision-recall curve (AUPR), F-score at which precision and recall cross and are thus equal (F-score cross), maximum F-score (F-score max), and the area under the ROC curve (AUROC). In each column, the best score is bolded

From: Twadn: an efficient alignment algorithm based on time warping for pairwise dynamic networks

algorithm AUPR F-score cross F-score max AUROC
DynaMAGNA++ 0.467 0.489 0.642 0.507
DynaWAVE 0.600 0.556 0.642 0.594
Twadn 0.653 0.589 0.735 0.718