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Table 2 Parameters

From: Cell cycle control and environmental response by second messengers in Caulobacter crescentus

Parameter Description Source
ks.cdG=33.5/min scaled synthesis rate of cdG this study
kd,cdG=100/min scaled degradation rate of cdG this study
K1=0.5μM dissociation constant for product inhibition [40]
Km1=1500 μM binding affinity of GTP this study
Km2=0.06μM binding affinity of cdG [40]
[DgcB]=0.7 μM scaled DgcB level [41]
[basal PDEs]=0.2 μM scaled basal PDE level this study
ks.(p)ppGpp=170μM/min synthesis rate of (p)ppGpp this study
kd.(p)ppGpp=160μM/min degradation rate of (p)ppGpp this study
K2=75μM binding affinity of NPr P this study
K3=10μM dissociation constant of EIIA P this study
KSpoT=4 constant of SpoT activity this study
Km3=1000μM binding affinity of GTP this study
Km4=2000μM binding affinity of (p)ppGpp this study
K4=75.63μM parameters of glutamine inhibition [42]
ks.GTP=1500/min synthesis rate of GTP this study
kd.GTP=100/min degradation rate of GTP this study
[ EI]T=10μM total enzymes levels [3436]
[ NPr]T=30μM   
[ EIIA]T=30μM   
k1=52.4/min phosphotransfer constants this study, [27, 42]
k±2=1.2×104/(min·μM)   [27, 33]
\(K_{\mathrm {d1}}=\frac {k_{b_{-1}}}{k_{b_{1}}}=350\mu \mathrm {M}\) dissociation constants [27]
\(K_{\mathrm {d2}}=\frac {k_{b_{-2}}}{k_{b_{2}}}=670\mu \mathrm {M}\)