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Table 5 Top ten significantly down-regulated genes in tumor samples of 55 patients with LUAD. After gene enrichment analysis by using Ensembl gene ID of DEGs, down-regulated genes were listed with their entrez gene ID, HGNC symbol, log2 fold change value and q-value (adj.P.Val)

From: Analysis of genomic and transcriptomic variations as prognostic signature for lung adenocarcinoma

ensembl_gene_id entrezgene hgnc_symbol logFC adj.P.Val
ENSG00000182010 219790 RTKN2 −4.52455117194123 1.07397390772473e-42
ENSG00000158764 142683 ITLN2 −7.4364942528429 3.19924465283634e-41
ENSG00000102683 6445 SGCG −4.10485571819757 4.07515928515459e-41
ENSG00000198873 2869 GRK5 −2.65790712992412 4.07515928515459e-41
ENSG00000107742 9806 SPOCK2 −3.56967403596283 3.85300139768808e-40
ENSG00000170323 2167 FABP4 −5.72790493543673 1.03033381509032e-39
ENSG00000135063 9413 FAM189A2 −3.53046742312343 1.03117504787973e-39
ENSG00000186994 256949 KANK3 −3.1101996380779 1.15468325581686e-39
ENSG00000150625 2823 GPM6A −5.17438700689996 1.5648953870669e-39
ENSG00000154721 58494 JAM2 −2.50261146610761 1.92231892168565e-39