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Table 6 Top ten significantly up-regulated genes in tumor samples of 55 patients with LUAD. After gene enrichment analysis by using Ensembl gene ID of DEGs, up-regulated genes were listed with their entrez gene ID, HGNC symbol, log2 fold change value and q-value (adj.P.Val)

From: Analysis of genomic and transcriptomic variations as prognostic signature for lung adenocarcinoma

ensembl_gene_id entrezgene hgnc_symbol logFC adj.P.Val
ENSG00000183010 5831 PYCR1 3.5139225242735 3.06017765569688e-41
ENSG00000059573 5832 ALDH18A1 1.68852856318992 6.30895314373162e-38
ENSG00000164466 94081 SFXN1 1.5322079314688 5.01920971916517e-37
ENSG00000135052 51280 GOLM1 2.51608337184892 1.73125209540521e-35
ENSG00000180198 1104 RCC1 1.62119814668367 1.82637777402036e-34
ENSG00000155660 9601 PDIA4 1.6848754492746 2.37855372052335e-34
ENSG00000096063 6732 SRPK1 1.62823462104507 2.66740561460568e-34
ENSG00000128050 10606 PAICS 1.65390171937903 4.22169230063646e-31
ENSG00000111344 8437 RASAL1 3.57173273242386 1.08251787193746e-30
ENSG00000173457 26472 PPP1R14B 1.86684316566064 7.07845976872399e-30