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Table 2 List of packages available in METAGENOTE

From: “METAGENOTE: a simplified web platform for metadata annotation of genomic samples and streamlined submission to NCBI’s sequence read archive”

  Checklists (version 5.0) Human packages Environmental packages Other Packages
GSC MIxS Standards MIGS for genomes Human Associated, Human Gut, Human Oral, Human Skin, Human Vaginal Air, Sediment, Soil, Wastewater, Water Non-Human Animal Host, Miscellaneous, Plant Associated, Microbial
MIMS for metagenomes
MIMARKS for marker genes.
MISAG for Single Amplified Genome
MIMAG for Metagenome-Assembled Genome
MIUVIG for Uncultivated Virus Genome
NCBI Human 1.0    
Model Organism Animal 1.0