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Table 6 The top 50 miRNAs associated with lung neoplasms were predicted by NEMPD. The top 1ā€“25 associated miRNAs were shown in the first column. The top 26ā€“50 associated miRNAs were shown in the third column

From: NEMPD: a network embedding-based method for predicting miRNA-disease associations by preserving behavior and attribute information

miRNA Evidence miRNA Evidence
hsa-mir-20a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-145-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-146a-5p Unconfirmed hsa-mir-128-3p dbDemc
hsa-mir-93-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-125b-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-9-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-122-5p Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-429 dbDemc;miR2Disease hsa-mir-107 dbDemc
hsa-mir-34b-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-106b-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-34a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-106a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-326 dbDemc hsa-mir-100-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-31-5p dbDemc hsa-let-7ā€‰g-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-29b-3p dbDemc hsa-let-7c-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-26a-5p dbDemc hsa-let-7a-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-24-3p dbDemc hsa-mir-184 dbDemc
hsa-mir-21-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-17-5p dbDemc;miR2Disease
hsa-mir-206 dbDemc hsa-mir-138-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-204-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-140-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-199b-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-324-5p dbDemc;miR2Disease
hsa-mir-195-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-942-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-181c-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-182-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-181b-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-520ā€‰h dbDemc
hsa-mir-181a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-28-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-16-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-125a-5p dbDemc;miR2Disease
hsa-mir-15b-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-224-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-15a-5p dbDemc hsa-mir-503-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-155-5p Unconfirmed hsa-mir-424-5p dbDemc
hsa-mir-153-3p dbDemc hsa-mir-7-5p dbDemc