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Table 2 The prediction of the Maize protein (Zm00008a011322-p01) with different methods

From: Predicting functions of maize proteins using graph convolutional network

  Real annotation DeepGOA DeepGOplus DeepGO Deepred
CC GO:0005622 GO:0005622 GO:0005622 GO:0005622 GO:0005622
  GO:0044464 GO:0044464 GO:0044464 GO:0044464 GO:0044464
  GO:0005623 GO:0005623 GO:0005623 GO:0005623 GO:0005623
  GO:0044424 GO:0044424 GO:0044424 GO:0044424  
  GO:0043229 GO:0043229 GO:0005737 GO:0043229  
  GO:0005737 GO:0005737   GO:0005737  
  GO:0043231 GO:0043231   GO:0043231  
  GO:0043227 GO:0043227