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Table 3 The top 15 predicted BP functions for circRNA SHPRH by DeepciRGO

From: DeepciRGO: functional prediction of circular RNAs through hierarchical deep neural networks using heterogeneous network features

Rank GO term GO name
1 GO:0010468 Regulation of gene expression
2 GO:0060255 Regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
3 GO:0019222 Regulation of metabolic process
4 GO:0023056 Positive regulation of signalling
5 GO:0023051 Regulation of signalling
6 GO:0048585 Negative regulation of response to stimulus
7 GO:0010647 Positive regulation of cell communication
8 GO:0051272 Positive regulation of cellular component movement
9 GO:0045597 Positive regulation of cell differentiation
10 GO:0048583 Regulation of response to stimulus
11 GO:0008285 Negative regulation of cell population proliferation
12 GO:0030336 Negative regulation of cell migration
13 GO:0051050 Positive regulation of transport
14 GO:2000147 Positive regulation of cell motility
15 GO:0040017 Positive regulation of locomotion