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Table 12 Information about the NGS datasets

From: RepAHR: an improved approach for de novo repeat identification by assembly of the high-frequency reads

Species Dataset source Dataset name Dataset size (GB)
\(Drosophila\ melanogaster\) NCBI SRA SRX040484 SRX040486 6.3
\(Saccharomyces\ cerevisiae\) NCBI SRA SRR6846984 1.7
\(Acromyrmex\ echinatior\) NCBI SRA ERR034186 10.7
\(Mus\ musculus\) NCBI SRA ERR2894257 ERR2894259 ERR2894260 55.6
\(Homo\ sapiens\ chr14\) GAGE DataSet3 Library 1 9.8