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Table 2 Annotations of the results provided directly by SimSearch

From: Search and comparison of (epi)genomic feature patterns in multiple genome browser tracks

Type Description
Nearest gene For each found matching, the gene with a TSS that is the closest to the center of the root region (i.e., the matching region of the first perfect matching track)
Functional annotations The PANTHER Web service [22] is used to see if the genes identified in the results (nearest genes) are enriched in particular pathways or biological processes
Annotations from track The annotations from a track loaded in IGB are used to see if the track regions overlapping with the results are enriched in particular annotations. For instance, it is possible to load the genome segmentation from ChromHMM or Segway to see if the results are associated with particular chromatin states
Sub-patterns When a search involved several partial matchings, retrieve the tracks whose regions are more often found together