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Table 2 Values of parameters αb, βpl and B0 used in the model to simulate control subjects and those using combination immunomodulatory therapy

From: Validation of a yellow fever vaccine model using data from primary vaccination in children and adults, re-vaccination and dose-response in adults and studies with immunocompromised individuals

Parameter cs \(+\) bDMARD value Control value
\(\alpha _b\) 3.0 6.0
\(\beta _{pl}\) \(4.208\times 10^{-6}\) \(5.61\times 10^{-6}\)
B0 \(1.875\times 10^{5}\) \(2.5\times 10^{5}\)
  1. Each line represents a distinct and independent adjust, i.e., the modification of a single parameter at a time is able to approach experimental data