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Table 2 The 46 signaling pathways used for analysis

From: Investigating the relevance of major signaling pathways in cancer survival using a biologically meaningful deep learning model

MAPK FoxO TGF-beta T cell receptor Adipocytokine
ErbB Sphingolipid VEGF B cell receptor Oxytocin
Ras Phospholipase D Apelin Fc epsilon RI Glucagon
Rap1 p53 Hippo TNF Relaxin
Calcium mTOR Toll-like receptor Neurotrophin AGE-RAGE
cGMP-PKG PI3K-Akt NOD-like receptor Insulin Cell cycle
cAMP AMPK RIG-I-like receptor GnRH  
Chemokine Wnt C-type lectin receptor Estrogen  
NF-kappa B Notch JAK-STAT Prolactin  
HIF-1 Hedgehog IL-17 Thyroid hormone