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Table 2 The activity at pH 8.0 and the activity score on xylanase A and Mutant

From: A sequence embedding method for enzyme optimal condition analysis

Wild and Mutants Mutation sites Activity at pH 8.0 Score
Wild xylanase A N/A 1.29 U/ml 4022.35
Mutant1 S22P 2.87 U/ml \(\uparrow\) 4024.73 \(\uparrow\)
Mutant2 G13R 0.99 U/ml \(\downarrow\) 4018.68 \(\downarrow\)
Mutant3 Q7H/G13R/S22P 1.71 U/ml \(\uparrow\) 4022.88 \(\uparrow\)
Mutant4 S22P/H56L/S179C 0.88 U/ml \(\downarrow\) 4024.73 \(\uparrow\)
Mutant5 S31Y 1.68 U/ml \(\uparrow\) 4022.35*