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Table 4 Syntactic patterns for collecting context triggers

From: Unsupervised inference of implicit biomedical events using context triggers

 Trigger patternsExamples
1{noun} of [bacteria] loc_prep [location]elimination of [Helicobacter pylori] Bin the [antrum] L
  attachment of [Escherichia coli O157:H7] Bto [apple surfaces] L
2[bacteria] {n/v/p} loc_prep[location]Heat-killed [C. burnetii] Bpurified with [normal yolk sacs] L
  ∙ [Non-O1 Vibrio cholerae] Bbacteremia in [patients with cirrhosis] L
3[location] {n/v/p} prep [bacteria]∙ [Respiratory] Lcarriage of [Kingella kingae] B
  Twenty-eight [blood culture] Lisolates of [non-O1 V. cholera] B
  1. Underlined expressions are context triggers to be collected. [bacteria] and [location] are bacteria and location mentions annotated in BB-event training data, respectively. prep and loc_prep are a general preposition and a locational preposition, respectively. {n/v/p} is either a noun, a verb, or a participle. Examples on the right show actual snippets from the BB-event training data matched by syntactic patterns on the left. B and L in boldface refer to bacteria and location entities, respectively