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Table 2 Related works on biomedical applications of IR thermography

From: FLIR vs SEEK thermal cameras in biomedicine: comparative diagnosis through infrared thermography

AuthorsMethodMedical Problem TypeInfrared Camera Model
This paperIRTInjured toe of the subject 35/MFLIR One, SEEK Compact PRO
Habek et al. (2018)IRTDetection of brown adipose tissueFLIR T-650sc
Silva et al. (2018)IRTPlantar Surface Temperature in Diabetes MellitusFLIR E60
Sarigoz et al. (2018)IRTDiagnosis of breast massFLIR ThermaCAM E45
Contreras et al. (2017)IRTThermal changes in diabetic footFLIR E60
Estal et al. (2017)IRTInvestigation of thermal profileFLIR T335
Alpar and Krejcar (2017)IRTHand thermographyFLIR One
Alpar and Krejcar (2017)IRTHand vein estimationFLIR One
Silva et al. (2016)IRTBreast cancerFLIR SC620
Peleki and Silva (2016)IRTDetection of Acute Limb IschaemiaSEEK Thermal Compact XR
Oliveira et. el. (2016)IRTDiagnosis of sprained ankle injuriesFLIR E60 SC
Chudecka and Lubkowska (2015)IRTThermal map of body surfaceThermaCAM SC500
Queseda et al. (2015)IRTSkin temperature, muscle activationFLIR E60
Queseda et al. (2015)IRTSkin temperature during cyclingFLIR E60
Contreras et al. (2015)IRTEarly diagnosis of diabetic footFLIR E60
Araujo et al. (2014)IRTBreast cancerFLIR S45
Fournet et al. (2013)IRTBody mapping of females and malesThermaCAM B2, FLIR
Bernard et al. (2013)IRTHand surface temperature detectionFLIR B200