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Table 3 Metastasis prediction: top score pathways sampled by the different algorithms

From: Robust pathway sampling in phenotype prediction. Application to triple negative breast cancer

ScoreTop PathwaysScoreTop Pathways
10.3Direct P53 Effectors11.2JNK Signaling in CD4+ TCR Pathway
10.1DREAM Repression & Dynorphin Exp.9.7RhoA Signaling Pathway
9.6P53 Signaling8.3ATM Pathway
8.8RhoA Signaling Pathway8.1FoxO Signaling Pathway
8.4P53 Pathway8.0TGF-beta Signaling Pathway
ScoreTop PathwaysScoreTop Pathways
15.0DREAM Repression & Dynorphin Exp.8.1Direct P53 Effectors
10.1Direct P53 Effectors8.0Proteolysis Putative SUMO-1 Pathway
10.1Immune Response Role of DAP12 Receptors in NK Cells7.1Creation of C4 and C2 Activators
9.9JNK Signaling in CD4+ TCR Pathway6.9TGF-beta Receptor Signaling
9.8MAPK Signaling Pathway6.8MTOR Signaling Pathway
  1. Bold faces highlights the common pathways