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Table 1 Comparison of end-user implementations of template matching, available in common bioimage analysis software

From: Multi-template matching: a versatile tool for object-localization in microscopy images

NameAvailabilityOpen sourceDoc.Multiple detectionsNon-Maxima SuppressionSearch region(s)TransformationsMultiple templatesReference
Template matchingFiji[14]
Template MatchingImageJLink
Pattern MatchingNI Vision Development?Link
Multi-Template MatchingFiji, Python, KNIMEThis paper
  1. The table lists and compares available implementations and associated functionalities of template matching in common end-user software (Doc.: Documentation available,). The column Transformations corresponds to optional search with additional templates, generated by geometric transformation (e.g. flipping, rotations) of the initial templates. Link 1: - Link 2: